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    Pecker Cup Cake Mould

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    Pecker cupcake anyone?? This pecker cupcake mould is approx 22cm wide and approx 27cm long! That means you get six pecka cakes from every mould! Each Willy Cup Cake will be approx 10.5cm long by 6.5cm wide at its widest point!

    Made from high quality silicone, all you need is cake mix and an oven and your little willy cakes will be ready!

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    One packet of cake mix is enough to fill these moulds and don't forget all cakes rise and so will these peckers! Make it a Hens Party Game, be creative and let everyone decorate their own pecker! There's so much fun to be had with these scrumptious treats!

    Why silicone? We only use silicone bakeware as it is extremely durable, quick cooling, light weight, easy to clean, making baking fun! The best part about silicone, it is reusable and wont rust and deteriorate like cake tins. Silicone is so flexible you can take your pecker cup cake mould anywhere! This mould can withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees celsius/ 446 fahrenheit and can be frozen to - 40 degrees celsius/ - 40 fahrenheit! AMAZING Put the oven on now!


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