Pecker Chocolate/ Ice Moulds

YUM YUM YUM pecker shaped chocolates, pecker ice cubes, pecker jellies ... this mould makes them all and more!!!

This fun hens night willy mould is approx 20cm wide and approx 11cm long! That means you get five pecker pieces from every mould purchased! Made from high quality silicone, all you need is water, chocolate, cordial or jelly crystals and a fridge or freezer and your little dicky treats will be ready to go!

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This fun quality party mould makes five scrumptious willies (each pecker is approx 8cm long from top to bottom and 4.3cm wide at its widest point, the other end is approx 2cm wide)! This mould is so easy to use and a quick tip to help you is once liquid has been added (especially for melted chocolate) instead of putting in fridge and waiting for moulds to form put in freezer and a couple of minutes later the peckers will be hard! now that's quick for a pecker!  

Why silicone? We only use silicone bakeware as it is extremely durable, quick cooling, light weight, easy to clean, making baking fun! This mould can withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees celsius/ 446 fahrenheit and can be frozen to - 40 degrees celsius/ - 40 fahrenheit! AMAZING Make your willy treats now!

Who wants to see the Bride bite into a pecker? or what about the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom! ha ha if you want laughs, something delicious to eat and fun to make then this is for you!

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