3 super-fun hens night games ideas

One of the main attractions to a hens night is the bachelorette party games that you have planned for the day. They are an important aspect of the party as they work as the ice breaker to loosen up the guests and get them mingling. This is especially true if you have guests who are all friends of the bachelorette but may not know each other too well. If you find the conversation coming to a stop, or people not sure how to get the party started, these games will get everybody moving, forming groups and having a lot of fun.

So, here are a few fun bachelorette party games ideas that could get your hen do started:

  1. 1. Photo and Video Challenge: this is an extremely fun and interesting team activity, especially if you are planning a night on the town. The guests are split into teams and given a check list of photos and videos that they have to shoot in a given period of time. They then have to send it in to the game mistress. The team to complete the challenge first, wins. Some photo and video challenge ideas are: performing a famous scene from an Oscar-winning movie, serenading a stranger, getting a stranger to serenade the bride, getting a picture with a cute guy, hugging a doorman, wearing a stranger’s hat etc.

  2. 2. Bridal Pictionary: this is almost like the well-loved game of Pictionary that we enjoy on game night, but with a few small changes. Contestants have to draw their pictures with a lipstick, without the help of their hands. Various wedding themed instructions are given to them which they have to depict through pictures.

  3. 3. Ring hunt: this is a great game to play if you are holding your party in a hotel, or at someone’s house. This ring hunt gets people moving around and channelling their inner child in “digging up” as many rings as possible. Hide a large number of toy rings or ring pops throughout the house or the hotel room. As guests arrive tell them that there are rings hidden around the room, and that the person who has the maximum number of rings at the end of the party, is the winner of the game. Watch the girls go crazy overthrowing stuff to find those precious rings.

  4. 4. Photo booth: this is not just a fun game to have at your bachelorette party, but one that will also create memories for the bride-to-be. Put up a pretty photo booth, with a colourful background that goes with the rest of your decorations, or even a glittery foil fringe backdrop. Provide enough accessories that the bride-to-be and her friends can use as props to make their pictures fun, like moustaches, hens party sashes, tiaras, feather boas and more. Make a beautiful album out of these pictures and present it to the bachelorette as a wedding gift.