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  1. Cool Bachelorette Party Themes

    Bachelorette Party Themes

    The whole point of having a bachelorette party is to make sure you all (including the bride-to-be, of course!) have a memorable time, one that you can look back on years from now with a smile on your face. Throwing a bachelorette party may sounds fairly simple and hassle free, but have you thought about a party theme? No? Well, what are you waiting for? A hens night must have a specific theme...otherwise, it just ruins the whole purpose. If you can’t think of a theme suitable enough, here are some ideas:

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  2. 5 Cute Bachelorette Party Ideas

    Cute Bachelorette Party Ideas

    Planning a hens night is probably one of the most important responsibilities of the Maid of Honour – if not the most important! And let’s face it, when it comes to throwing a bachelorette party, most ideas are way too mainstream or have already been tried. Running out of ideas? Stuck in a creative block? It’s okay, we get it. Here are five ways in which you can come up with a splendid bachelorette party that you’re sure to remember for years to come:

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