Monthly Archives: November 2016

  1. Decorate With the Inflatable Silly Willy

    Inflatable Silly Willy

    A hen’s night is no fun without some silly decorations and accessories.  If you are the one mandated with the responsibility of planning the party there are many things to think about.  The venue is one.  You have to make sure that the venue is absolutely ideal.  You need enough privacy to have your party without outside interference but it also needs to be accessible to the girls.

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  2. Accessorise Your Cocktails with Bride to Be ‘Wild One’ Umbrella Straws

    When it comes to planning a hen’s night you will have to consider food and drinks as well. As much as everyone will enjoy the décor, the games and all the advice and gifts that the girls will give, what makes a party is usually the music and the food.  Be sure to get plates, cups and glasses that will go well with the theme of the day as well as the décor. You can choose colours such as hot pink, black, red or white.

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  3. Have a Riotous Time with the Pin the Macho on the Man Game

    Macho on the Man Game

    If you are planning a hen’s party you will need to think about the games that you will play to keep the girls active, engaged and having a great time. After they have eaten and chit chatted a bit, it will be time to pull out your games and have some fun. Since it’s a hen’s party it is only to be expected that the décor and the games will be heavy on the pecker theme. This means that the décor, the cake, the games and all things hen’s night will be expected to lean more towards the naughty side of things. There is such a thing as a classy pecker hens party!

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  4. Wow Your Guests with the Pink Pecker Honeycomb Centrepieces

    Pink Pecker Honeycomb Centrepieces

    If you have been trying to think how you can make a huge statement at the Hen’s party you are planning then the solution is in your centrepieces. Whether you will have guests seated at tables or they will be sitting in the living room of your house, it is important to have centrepieces that will grab their attention and leave no doubt in their minds that this will be the hen’s party to beat all.

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