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  1. Uncover the Mystery of Hens Parties

    While you may have never hosted or been to a hens party yet, it is not difficult to imagine about its goings on. While according to men most ladies plan to have silly pillow fights, followed by making out and gossiping all night; a real party is much more fun. This write-up tells you exactly about the hens party ideas and what these parties entail for the engaged hen.

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  2. What a Tame Bachelorette Party Entails

    Most men love to fantasise about hens parties assuming that women indulge in alcohol, chocolates and get naughty with each other. While some hens night ideas may include male strippers, topless waiters and other forms of naughty entertainment, most parties start out much tamer. Read on to find out what happens at a not so raunchy bachelorette bash.

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  3. About the Food and Fun at a Bachelorette Bash

     Food and Fun at a Bachelorette Bash

    Getting geared up to plan a hens party for your best friend? Unless you plan to host the event at a hotel’s private bar or a pub near you, you will have to plan the food and entertainment. If the bride has left everything up to you, you have a fun, but tough job ahead of you. This write-up talks to you about the types of food served in addition to some special hens night activities at such a bash, to help you throw the perfect soiree.

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