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  1. Pampering Your Way to the Best Hens Night for Your BFF

    Best Hens Night for Your BFF

    If you are organising a hens night for a friend, you have to appreciate that this is a hard one to pull off. Most likely, you have attended many such nights with your engaged friend and as such you have to up the game in order to impress. A hens party is more than a night out but offers an opportunity for more bonding among best friends. What’s more; hens party activities and hens night games allow the bride-to-be to relax and share all their fears. It is a party whose memories must be truly memorable and you have to pull it off.  Then the question arises as to what hens night activities you will organise.

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  2. How to Sweeten Your Hens Party More Unique With Hens Treats

    Hens Treats


    What differentiates one hens night from another? Well, the idea is the same which is to help a bride-to-be to relax and give her best friends a chance to enjoy before she is finally hitched, but how the party is set up matters a lot.

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  3. Why You Should Spice up Your Friend’s Hens Night

    If there is one honour your best friend can bestow upon you, it has to be organising their hens night.  It might not appear like a big deal but remember a hens party is the last time your friend will be free to fully be a girl once again.  The fear of the unknown mixes with all the anxiety to make your friend a bag of nerves. While you might not think hens night games are a big deal, you should always try to get the hens night ideas to make this day a great one.  You have to pull off a party like no other and you can bet this will be a hard one.

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