Monthly Archives: October 2015

  1. How to Make the Bride-to-be Feel Special on the Hens Night?

    Hens night is probably the last chance for a girl to have out-of-the-world fun with her best friends. The organiser of the hens party, which is usually the bridesmaid, tries every possible source to make the night a super hit.
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  2. Hens Party Tips for the Chocolate Lover

    There are probably a handful of girls in the whole world who are not attracted to chocolate. Gluten-free, dairy-free, with nuts, without nuts, chocolates come in all types and never fail to satisfy the senses. If you have a bride-to-be buddy who is an ardent fan of chocolates, why not plan an exclusively “chocolaty” hens night? Here are some great hens night ideas for the chocolate lovers.
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  3. Four Party Games for a Scintillating Hens Night

    Hens party games are the best way to break the ice and to get people more involved into the night. With the list of party games below, one can be assured of creating a night to remember and memories for a lifetime.
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