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  1. Should the Bride or Bridesmaids be left in charge of organising the hen’s party?

    Planning a wedding is a lot of work. Most weddings are planned over a year in advance to make sure that all the details are correct. The bride and/or the wedding planner spend countless hours making sure that the day goes off without any blemishes.

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  2. Bringing The Willy To Your Next Hens Night

    Ah yes, the hens night. It can be fun and it does not have to go crazy with over board naughtiness. Just among the girls, there is a lot that can be talked about and played around with that is just in the near realm of being naughty, without crossing the line. There is no reason to exclude a person from the hens night festivities because there is too much dirty talk going around for them to handle. That is just wrong and defeats the purpose of getting together.

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  3. Hens Party Etiquette

    From who covers the cost of the hen party to the dress code; there are some rules that ALL ladies in attendance of a hens party deem necessary. Yes, everyone is there to have a good time and the goal is to make sure that everyone does. No matter what the night entails there are a few golden rules that make up the hen party etiquette that everyone should always follow.
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