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  1. Top 3 Funny Hens Night Games

    Planning for a hens party? What have you planned? Nothing!! But thinking to plan something different? There is so much choice out there and it is the one and only time you will be throwing your friend the party to mark her last night of freedom, so make it special. Organising a party is easy but choosing a game for a hens party can be tricky. To ensure maximum fun it is vital to match games to the environment and people. Here are few popular and funny hens games that will swing everyone's mood. Take a quick glimpse,

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  2. Tips To Choose the Right Store for Hens Party Supplies

    Have you been entrusted with the responsibility of planning the bachelorette party for your bestie? Well, that's something really huge as the hens party is supposed to be one of the most memorable events for the bride-to-be & her spinster friends as well. But a perfect hens party depends on your choice of party supplies and you have to make sure to settle with a really credible hens party shop. Here is a brief on how to locate a good bachelorette party supply store.

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