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  1. How to Pick Your Bride Tribe

    hens party ideas

    As a bride to be, you are probably still ecstatic about the fact that you got engaged! Now there are all the arrangements to be made, and you have to pick the dress, set the date and oh so many things to do. Before you start drawing up your ‘To Do’ list you need to think about that all important task of picking your bride tribe! You may have a large group of friends, but ultimately you have to make the tough choice of picking only a few of your friends to stand alongside you when you say ‘I Do’ on your big day.

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  2. 3 Super-Fun Hens Night Games Ideas

    3 super-fun hens night games ideas

    One of the main attractions to a hens night is the bachelorette party games that you have planned for the day. They are an important aspect of the party as they work as the ice breaker to loosen up the guests and get them mingling. This is especially true if you have guests who are all friends of the bachelorette but may not know each other too well. If you find the conversation coming to a stop, or people not sure how to get the party started, these games will get everybody moving, forming groups and having a lot of fun.

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  3. How to Throw a Hen Do on a Budget?

    Your bestie is getting married, and that is really something to celebrate! You immediately look forward to all the parties, the trip to the dress shop to help your bestie pick the perfect wedding dress, the hen night party… and then you remember that as the bride-to-be’s best friend, it is your duty to plan the hen do! Also, what is this going to do to your bank account?

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