3 ways to host a stay-in hens night

The wedding week, or month, can be one of the most exhausting time in a bride-to-be’s life. What with all the wedding planning, coordinating the rehearsal dinner, the meals on the wedding day, the seating arrangement, the dress and the cake, it is truly a whirlwind of activities! This can take the most out of the bride-to-be, leaving her fatigued and disillusioned by the time her special day comes around.

However, as her bestie, entrusted with the duty of putting the hen night together, you could plan something relaxing, mellow and yet fun for the bride-to-be. How about a Stay-in Hen Do?

Here are a few ways in which you can put together a memorable night for your bestie, without all the stress, hauling the group to different places or spending loads of money on travel costs. Just a day of sitting in, curling your legs up on the couch, and doing fun things with your best gals, and enjoying a relaxing night:

  1. 1. Have a good ol’ sleepover! Remember when you and your friends were in high school and had those sleepovers with lots of pizza, snacks, ice cream sundaes, gossiping and watching sappy romantic movies? Well, who says you can’t do that again? Only now, you get to throw in some wine, chick flicks and hen do games. Of course, don’t forget to get all those hens party supplies to make your games more interesting.

  2. 2. Have a delicious pot-luck dinner. A pot-luck is a great way to make sure you have lots of food when you are chatting and having fun to the wee hours of the morning. It also eliminates the stress of one person (probably you!) having to put together a meal for a large group of very hungry women. Also, all the variety! In the same theme, you could also throw a barbeque party! Roast those meats, lay out the dinner, pour the drinks, and watch the conversation and the good times flow.

  3. 3. Rent a house and have a destination hen do. This is a great way to travel and yet stay in! Book a house in any destination – hen do parties usually go for the obvious, which is wine country. Sleep late, do brunch, then a fun wine tasting, picnic out in the vineyard, and a relaxing dinner. Feel like shaking things up a bit? Bust out the bachelorette party supplies and throw a round of hens night games. Nothing more fun than that!