Make A Bachelorette Party Memorable

A bachelorette party isn’t simply about friends getting together to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. This could be the last time your friend is having a hens night out with you all as a “spinster”. Now that the realisation has dawned upon you, you’re on your way to make it as memorable as possible. But how? How can you throw her a party that she remembers for years to come? Here are some creative and innovative ideas which can help you out:

- Custom t-shirts : Before the bachelorette party, order some customised t-shirts that all the guests attending would have to be wear. Each t-shirt could have something special printed on it like the number of years they’ve known the bride and so on.

- A survival kit : Weddings are always the hardest on the bride. It is a weekend of emotional turmoil as she begins a new life combined with the physical exhaustion. Get her a survival kit that can help her through the weekend. Fill the kit with items she’ll need all through.

- Custom tattoos : Instead of getting real tattoos that you might regret once the hangover leaves you, get hold of some customized fake tattoos that last a couple of days. Plus, you get to choose what designs or quotes you want as well.

- Personalised party favours : Everybody likes a gift! But guess what they like even more – personalised gifts! Before the party, grab some customised gift boxes and fill it with cute and useful goodies.