If you are planning a hens night for your best friend you must appreciate how important this day will be. It is akin to the last night of freedom and as such the hens party should be memorable. Nothing would be as frustrating and demoralising as organising a party that the bride-to-be doesn’t love. Worse still nothing is as boring as regurgitating the same hens night ideas. In essence, there are some rules that will spice up hens night ideas and below are just a few of these:

  1. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas: This is a rule that not only applies in this great city but for every hens party. No stories should ever be repeated unless you want to ruin friendships or even the nuptials.

  3. No photos: Related to the above rule is the fact that photos might end emerging in unlikely places. If you didn’t see photos and videos of the bachelorette party why should you start sharing yours?

  5. Have multiple hens party activities:  If you want to pull off the best hens night activities make sure you have creative games and this you have to do your research. From truth or dare, balloon passing games, drinking games to who is it, there are many hens party games to choose from.

  7. No one should be left behind: The rule of the army applies here.  Some hens might get drunk but never leave them behind. Make sure everyone gets home safely.

  9. Make sure every hen is committed: When planning your party ensure everyone including the bride to be commits to attend.


You can borrow ideas even from bachelorette party games but the rule of thumb is to stay creative.