Finding the perfect gift for your best friend on her Hens Night is not an easy task. It needs some good homework and some creativity tucked in. Gifts may be naughty, thoughtful, or personalised but as long as they evoke good memories they can be considered good gifts. It is important that bachelorette party gifts remind the bride-to-be how special she is and must connect with her or make her laugh. With this mind, listed here are some simple tips to surprise the bride-to-be with your assiduity.

A Personal Diary

No matter where you go and what you do, it is the people in your life that matter the most. Put together a book full of personal pictures and messages from friends and family of the bride. The book may seem to be a time consuming task but it is completely worth the effort.

The Epicurean Touch

Food never fails to bring a smile on anyone’s face. Gift your best friend her favourite bottle of vintage wine or a rare collection of chocolates. You could even book the couple for a candlelight dinner in the city’s most romantic restaurant.

Hand-Made Gifts

The significance of a handmade gift cannot be underestimated. Hand-made gifts could be as simple as a greeting card or as silly as a plate of cookies. However they symbolise the special bond between the giver and the receiver. So get right down, be creative and put together something that makes those tears of happiness pop out! There are no hard and fast rules as long as Hens party gifts are concerned. Make sure you are using the opportunity to bring love and smiles to the bride-to-be and you can never go wrong.