Great Party Planning Ideas

When your friend decides to tie the knot, it's an amazing experience, but it can also be the most stressful. Here are some great party ideas to take your from bridal shower to hen night without issue.

Make Your Bride Feel Like a Queen

Of course, the bride is the main attraction of any bridal related party, but it's time to make her really stand out by giving her tons of gaudy, bride related dress up pieces. Between bride tiaras, to pink feather boas, to light up pink diamond ring-pops, turning your friend into the queen of the night will be a fun way to make sure everyone knows what you're there for.

You can also turn these bridal accessories into great bridal shower games. One way is to make a list of multiple "most likely to" questions and have your guests vote on them. Whoever wins the round gets a pair of bridal sunglasses. Whoever ends up with the most sunglasses either wins or has to perform an embarrassing dare.

Pin the What, Where?

Pin the tail on the donkey has been a staple of parties for what seems like forever, but turning this old fashioned game into a bachelorette worthy tag is just one of many great hens night ideas you can run with. Find yourself a revealing image of an attractive guy and put it up somewhere on a wall. Then, use stickers to see just how anatomically correct your guests really are.

From pecker bouquets to bridal shower balloons, the right party ideas are out there for you. Use these awesome tips here to help you create some fun memories that will last a lifetime and keep you and your friends laughing for years to come.