Bride shows on Foxtel are all the rage at the moment – there is the classic Bridezillas, along with Don’t Tell the Bride, Four Weddings, Say Yes to the Dress and a new comer – Bridalplasty, where 8 brides compete to win the ultimate wedding…and some plastic surgery to go with it!
At times when I am feeling a little flat and need a good laugh, I enjoy a little guilty pleasure of watching an episode of Bridezillas. A recent episode showed the bride-to-be turn up 6 hours late to her own hens party, chastise the Bridesmaids for already being drunk, and brought her own scales to make them all weigh in in front of each other and other patrons at the wine bar! Any bridesmaid deemed outside the (not too skinny) bride’s acceptable weight was prescribed salads and given 2 weeks to lose the kgs or she was kicked out of the wedding party. When her mother tried to intervene and tell the bride that she was being unreasonable, the bride threw her out of the wedding too!
Is this acceptable behaviour from a Bride? It is a Bride’s special day that many have been dreaming of since they were pinning posters of Johnny Depp on their walls – but is having perfect skinny minny Bridesmaids for one perfect day worth alienating some of your closest friends and family for years to come?
To see how outrageous some brides can be tune into Arena on Friday’s at 8.30pm, or check your guides for regular episodes.