Hens Night Ideas – How to Plan a Perfect Party

Planning a hens night is a great idea for a friend who is about to get married. It’s going to be one of the last few nights of her life that she spends single, so you might want to consider throwing her an impressive party. However, in order to make the hens night memorable, you might want to think about doing something different. Sitting at home and just talking about life and eating food can be great! However, here are some amazing ideas to make the hens night as amazing and as memorable as possible.

Bar Hopping

One of the best hens night ideas is to go bar hopping with a selection of hens games and accessories. Decide on a route that you are going to take and single out all of the bars along the route. You can go bar hopping with your friends and sample a selection of drinks in each of the different bars. It’s something that most hens do when they are looking for an adventure! It’s going to be a fun event, and you are probably going to make a lot of memories along the way!

Mobile Pampering

As an alternative to most hens party ideas, you could call a mobile pampering company and ask them to come over and give you and your friends the perfect pampering treatment!

From pedicures to manicures and facials, the mobile pampering company will make you and your friends feel like princesses all over again! Add some champagne to the mix and you’ve got yourself a great afternoon. For people looking for a slightly laid-back option, this is the ideal choice.