Hens Party Etiquette While you are trying to get a hold of planning for your best friend’s hens party, you will find that there is a lot more to think about in terms of party planning etiquette to make sure that the bride and all her guests are well taken care of during the event.


Booking the venue and letting everyone know isn’t the end of your responsibility. You also need to make sure that the bride and all the other guests are able to get there easily. If you are a large group, you may want to consider hiring a private bus to get everyone to the venue safely and on time.

Hotel Room Bookings

For various reasons, many hotels refuse to take bookings for hen’s and bucks parties. It is best to be upfront from the beginning to save yourself some embarrassment at the time of checking in. If you plan on using hens party decorations in the room or dress up or do anything different, make sure you check with the hotel before you plan anything or be careful not to mark walls or ruin floors!


Make sure everyone is in the loop about exactly how much they are paying and what it is that they are paying for. If you are collecting money in advance, make sure that the rest of the party knows what is included and what isn’t in the expenses they have made. People may also need time to save for the event.

Finally, make sure that the bride doesn’t end up paying a penny through the event. This is her day and she deserves to be celebrated by her closest friends.