If you have ever been to a hens night or preparing to attend a hens party, you most likely will see some of the guests in hens night sashes.  The Bride is almost certain to be wearing a Bride to Be Sash so she is easily recognisable to other guests as well as making her feel a little bit special with her new hens accessory.


For the Bridesmaids there are beautiful Bridesmaid sashes which can be in a different colour to the Brides sash so they are part of their own exclusive group and too can be distinguished by other guests.  As it is usually the Bridesmaids who plan the Hens Party it is a nice memento for them to have their own sashes so they too feel a special part of the party.


The other two special guests who attend a hens do and are an integral part of any wedding are the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom.   You can get matching Mother of the Bride sashes and Mother of the Groom sashes so not only do they match but they stand out as special guests at the party too.


Sashes can be made from many different materials but we make our hens night sashes only from high quality soft silk with silk cotton embroidery.   Our sashes are sure to add a touch of class to any hens night and come individually packaged so they can be given as a beautiful gift.