Well, we all know the old saying: “Birds of a feather flock together.” Nothing can be more true when it comes to hens and their parties. Hens love to gather to chirp and chatter. Bucks, also known as male deer, also love to gather together for a bucks party, but they will often remain hidden, stay in the woods and scratch in inappropriate places.
A hens party, or hens night out, is a gathering of ladies of all ages and all stages of life: the widowed, the divorced, the career-ladder professional, the newly-married and the homemaker with young children at home. A hens party is a gathering of the minds and spirits of women as they face the many challenges of womanhood.
A hens party is usually held on a routine basis – whether it is once a week or once per month. No male, or rooster, is allowed to attend under any circumstance. If a hens party is in a bar or restaurant, it can become very loud, as laughter tends to become louder and louder if one or more hens becomes inebriated. The hens might celebrate a marriage, divorce or a new baby, but no particular event is needed in order to have a hens party or a regular hens night out.
A bucks party is usually held only once or twice per year. A bucks party and is focused upon one of three major events: a sporting event, a bachelor party or a hunting trip.
The sporting events are usually championship games. The bucks gather together at a designated home or bar and cheer for their favorite team. Usually beer and pizza is served to the bucks. The bucks are more comfortable if no hens are with them, and they yell at the TV during the entire game. There are times when a buck simply needs to be a buck.
A bachelor party is a more formal occasion whereby the best man hosts a group of guys to celebrate the last night of bachelorhood for a groom. Usually the bachelor party includes dinner and drinks and possibly a strip-tease dance performed for the groom. Many a bachelor party has gone too far as the groom might show up at a formal wedding too drunk to enjoy the festivities.
The bucks party hunting trip is a whole different thing. This party does not include a strip-tease dance or a restaurant. Guys will gather together to “hunt something” or to “fish.” The guys get together and camp, cook their own meals and sleep in tents or in duck blinds, which are pits dug out of a hill. The guys may stay two or three days or longer and compare their “kill.” They will also discuss their weaponry, clean their guns, chew and spit tobacco, burp at will and randomly pass gas. The buck party allows guys to let loose in a way that many hens would find disgusting and unwelcome in the home. Again, no hens are allowed.
Due to the nature of the buck (male deer) and hen (female chicken), one can see that the two species do not mix when it comes to party. But which is more tame – the hens party or the bucks party? It all depends upon the mammals who attend.