Celebrate a Hens Party at Home

Going out to a nightclub and drinking the night away isn’t every woman’s idea of a fun bachelorette party. Some women may prefer an evening at home with friends and members of their bridal party. There are still many ways to celebrate an impending marriage in a more sedate manner, including those below.

Decorate for the Party

Create a festive atmosphere in your home by picking party decorations appropriate for a hen’s night. There are cute glass slippers to use as table decorations, you can find hen’s party plates and napkins, and even find coasters with trivia questions that partygoers can use to break the ice. Of course, there are all types of balloons with which to decorate as well.

Hire a Photo Booth

There are many hens night ideas you can choose from, such as setting up a photo booth to capture your friends in their outfits for the evening. You can purchase inexpensive props for the photo booth like eyeglasses, monocles, or lipstick props to hold up in front of the camera. To help identify everyone, purchase sashes for the mothers, the bride, maid of honour, and the rest of the bridal party to wear in the booth.

Plan Party Games

Playing games during the party can help everyone have a good time as they celebrate the bride’s impending nuptials. You can think of your own games or buy party games where you can find other hens party ideas.

There many fun ways to celebrate without leaving home for the evening.