Given the hundreds of dollars that women have to spend on hens nights, it is not surprising to hear the whinging that goes on after every party. Having to spend on week long trips away and uninteresting group activities seems to be the common grouse. But with a little planning, you can arrange a stress-free hen do:

Communication is the Key:

Does the bride get to see the guest list? A surprise hen do is hardly recommended unless you are absolutely sure about people that the bride would like to invite. Make sure that everyone is aware of the budget and the activities involved. If it is weekend activity, do guests have to pay themselves for their accommodation and dinners? Not everyone is happy to spend $100 or more on restaurants they don’t like and boring activities. Start a Facebook group where guests get to share their ideas and to keep track on who needs to know what. If the party involves a large number of guests, who do not know each other, your Facebook group can also act as the perfect ice breaker.

Discuss the Bride’s Needs:

What’s the bride’s idea of a perfect night out? Would she prefer the typical hen party with strippers and male paraphernalia involved or does she like a private dinner with friends and some cocktails for company? Don’t just assume about the bride’s preferences; instead seek her opinion. Chances are that all she’s interested is in spending some quality time with her friends, and may still like some hens night decorations and accessories to complete the event.