Planning for a hens party? What have you planned? Nothing!! But thinking to plan something different? There is so much choice out there and it is the one and only time you will be throwing your friend the party to mark her last night of freedom, so make it special. Organising a party is easy but choosing a game for a hens party can be tricky. To ensure maximum fun it is vital to match games to the environment and people. Here are few popular and funny hens games that will swing everyone's mood. Take a quick glimpse,

Hens Scavenger Hunt

It is a game where you should make the bride go on a scavenger hunt. Make a list of items such as male's business card, male chest hair, male's phone number etc that the bride has to collect during the party.

Wedding Dress Made of Toilet Paper

Gather all the guests and lots of rolls of toilet paper at one place. Have teams, maximum t

Pass the Parcel

This is one of the most popular hens night games and loved by all. It is similar to your childhood game 'pass the parcel', all you need to do is replace the lollies and toys with wrappers containing naughty prizes. To make the game more interesting choose fun music.

Other famous games are truth or dare, stick a dick, banned words, pecker pinata and much more. To find more hens games, novelties, prizes and accessories, visit