Hens Party ThemesWith your best friend’s wedding just around the corner, there is one important task that you need to fulfil as Maid of Honour. Organising a hen party that surpasses all other parties can be a daunting responsibility to take care of. A great way to plan an event to remember is to get unconventional and creative with the theme.


Here are a few great themes you can consider when planning a hen party for your best friend, sister or cousin –


The Yoga Hen Party

Who said that your best friend’s send off into married life has to include boozy bars and naughty games? If your group of girlfriends loves to work out together, a great party theme could include a session into the event. There are a number of style yoga institutes that are happy to help you plan a fusion dance and yoga sessions that can be conducted for an intimate group of ladies looking for a good time.


 A Hip Hen Party

While you are ordering some of the naughty hens night supplies Sydney, also make sure that you take into account a venue that is relevant to your “hip” theme. If your favourite pub or discotheque from your uni days is still open, why not take the bride to a journey back in time. Dress up like you would back in the days and travel down memory lane by hitting some your favourite hotspots from when you were growing up.

You could also go the cultured way by hosting a wine and cheese event at home, planning a Great Gatsby themed 20’s party or even picking a theme out of the bride’s favourite book!