Often discussed is which pre wedding party creates more havoc than the other.   After last weekend’s incident on a Virgin Australia plane we would have to say Bucks Parties seem to lose more control than the female version, Hens Party, which now a days seems to be the classier of the two.


A Bucks Party including the Buck dressed as Superwoman were due to fly from Melbourne to the Gold Coast for a weekend Bucks event.  Plans soon changed when seven members of the party were kicked off the plane which was fully boarded and ready for take-off.

''The passengers were all on board and the cabin supervisor noticed they were being quite unruly and displaying offensive behaviour and made the decision to remove them,'' a Virgin Australia spokeswoman said.

The seven members were allowed to board a flight later in the day once they had been able to show they had quietened down!

We want to hear your classic Bucks and Hens Party stories, can any beat the above?!