4 Reasons to Plan an Autumn Wedding in Australia

Spring and summer are most often the popular choices of Australian couples, when they are planning their wedding date. Of course, the pleasant sunshine, the flowers in full bloom, the warm weather are all major deciding points, when it comes down to it. However, the autumn season in Australia is often overlooked as a perfect choice for a wedding.

Here are a few reasons why an autumn wedding in Australia would be the picture perfect choice for you and your fiancé:

  1. 1. The beautiful ambience: during autumn, the trees are turning into spectacular colours of orange, auburn, and red. The days are a little cooler than usual, but pleasant enough to hold an outdoor wedding. There’s not too much sun, so you do not have to worry about sunburn while you are enjoying the festivities on your big day. Also, the rustic setting is perfect and lends itself to a plethora of choices in terms of colours. They definitely bring out the best photographs for your wedding album too! Your bride tribe will definitely not complain about how the autumn colours set off their beauty!

  2. 2. The hens night: your hens night party will be more fun during the autumn, as there are a range of autumnal activities. Cheap hens night games that centre around the camp fire are sure to be a huge hit with the ladies.

  3. 3. The great outdoors: having an autumn wedding means that you can host a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Seasonal produce can be the highlight of the table, with meals made out of organic seasonal vegetables and fruits. You can also plan for a wedding dress that does not need to be too warm or bulky, and the same goes for your fiancé too! There are a lot of choices when it comes to warm autumnal drinks, including your choices of alcohol. Make sure your bride tribe, and most importantly, your guests are ready to have a rambunctious wedding in the great outdoors. Oh, and remind them to wear the right kind of shoes!

4. The wide choice in themes:
having an Australian autumn wedding means that you have a wide range of wedding themes to choose from. Anything that relates to rustic, country vineyard, vintage or bohemian can be a huge success. You can also consider the ever-popular beach wedding, as autumn days at the Australian beaches are pretty hard to beat! Hosting a destination wedding in cities like Melbourne or Adelaide would be great, as the ambience created by the mountains, and the vineyards and the many gardens are perfect for the beauty and grandeur of a wedding.