How to Throw a Beach-themed Bachelorette Party

As bachelorette party themes go, a sure hit is the beach-themed bachelorette party. Who doesn’t like to take a trip down to the beach? What with the stress of planning a wedding, and having a thousand different things to worry about, what your bestie needs is a relaxing day at the beach. The sun, the sand and sipping margaritas can’t hurt, especially right before she takes the big plunge herself! Throw in some fun bachelorette party games, and your memorable beach themed party is so on!

Here are few ideas that can get you started on throwing the best bachelorette party the bride to be could have asked for:

  1. Destination: The Beach!: Of course, you have to throw your bachelorette party at the beach. A pool could also do the trick, in a pinch. However, if you have the time and the means, make it a beautiful destination beach, so that your bestie can get away from it all for a day. The beach is a naturally beautiful venue that is relaxing and romantic. Make sure to provide the bride to be and the bride tribe with little tote bags of beach-time goodies like sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide hat! Throw in some cute bikinis and some hens party sashes, and you have made the day!

  2. Food and Drink: Being on a beach of course means that you must have tropical drinks, especially coconut water right out of the coconut shells! Also add a lot of fruity drinks that can keep the bride to be and your friends properly hydrated as they frolic under the sun. It would be a great idea to include a barbecue with catering included, so you can have the great fire-side food coming without the hassle of cooking. Finger food would also be great, and don’t forget some sweet desserts like chocolate-covered fruits, beach-themed cupcakes and more.

  3. Bachelorette party accessories: this is something really important if you want to get the ambience just right. Make sure you have a lot of fun accessories, like “Bride Tribe” tattoos, bachelorette party giant beach balls, and “Bride Tribe” and “Bride to Be” iron-on designs for pretty shirts that can be worn by everyone. Also make sure you have personalised hens party sashes that give a shout out to the bride to be.