bachelorette party games


Are you searching for truly unique bachelorette party games to create lifelong memories? You are at the right destination. Here we’ve listed a few inspiring hens night ideas to have you in stitches all night.


Kiss My...! Hens Party Game

With the ‘Kiss My...! Hens Party Game,’ you don’t need a male stripper at your hens party. This game is an improved version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. This game is simple and affordable and comes with a Kiss My...! poster, bachelorette blindfold, and pecker lipstick. Give all girls a chance to wear the mask and spin. The first one to peck his pecker will be declared as the winner.


Pecker Beach Ball

Pecker beach ball is the perfect option if you are hosting your bachelorette party on the beach. This transparent, inflatable, PVC ball features a cute pink inflatable penis inside. The pecker beach ball is phthalate free and is 50.8cm in diameter. This is one of the best bachelorette party games and is available at just A$16.95.


Wedding Absurd Comparison Game

Wedding Absurd Comparison Game is a hilarious hens party game that is sure to liven up any hens night, bachelorette, or wedding-related party. This game includes 96 Absurd Questions and 107 Absurd Answer cards, one diamond-shaped 8-sided die, and 1 rule card. With this game, every girl will get a chance to compete with other players to come up with the most absurd matching answers possible. The one who provides the most absurd answer will be declared the winner.