Hens Night supplies


Are you bored with the usual tack that dominates the hen party scene? If you are organising a hens party for your bestie, you want to throw the bride-to-be the most fun and chic celebration possible. So, here is a whittled list of chic and modern hens party supplies that are a must for your hens party.


Willy Straws

Ensure that everyone at your party remains hydrated with sensational skin coloured pecker straws that are the perfect drinking accessory for your hens party. These willy straws are sure to add great fun and laughter to any hens do.


Premium Bride Tribe Gift Bags

The luscious Premium Bride Tribe Gift Bags are the must for any hens or bachelorette party. Fill these fun gift bags with little gifts and necessities or a special memento and send your Tribe away with a smile. The beautiful Bride Tribe Hens Night bags are 20cm x 25cm so perfect for lots of goodies and mementos for the Bride to Be and her guests.


Red Pecker Lipstick

This hilarious party favour can be the perfect option for the Bride to be, Hens party prizes and trinkets for the gift bags. Pass this red pecker lipstick among your guests for a great laugh.


Hens Night Photo Booth Props

Is there any way out there to create memories without using the all-time favourite Hens Party Photo Booth Props? Absolutely, not! This would be an amazing addition to any hens party provides the perfect photo opportunity where ever you are.


Instead of just featuring these hens party supplies as party favours, you can create some great games that revolve around it to make your hens party memorable and fun.