After a quiet Hens and Bucks do for Kate and William, the latest news to surface is that Prince William will not wear a wedding ring nor receive one as he and Kate exchange vows at the end of the month. The St James’s Palace aide said only one ring will be exchanged at William and Kate’s wedding ceremony in London’s Westminster Abbey on April 29, due to “personal preference”

Kate will receive a simple band made from a melted down welsh gold nugget owned by the Royal Family but nothing will be made for William as he does not like jewellery and therefore does not want to wear one. He does not wear a signet ring either showing how strong his dislike is for jewellery.
Most male Royals can be seen wearing some kind of wedding ring. Prince Charles, William’s Father wore the wedding band Princess Diana gave to him at their wedding back in 1981. He no longer wears that ring, instead wearing the one Camilla gave him which he wears next his signet ring, as is the tradition in aristocratic circles.
The Queens husband, Prince Phillip is the only exception in the modern Royal Family who also chooses not to wear a wedding ring nor any ring for that matter.
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Tell us what you think. Should males wear a wedding ring?? Should females?? Both parties?? Neither??