Who should buy the bridesmaid dresses? There is constant debate over who should purchase the bridesmaid dresses for a wedding, the bride or the bridesmaids? While one could argue either position, tradition says the bridesmaids. Many view the purchasing of the bridesmaids dress as a sort of gift to the bride.


As each year goes along, weddings become more and more expensive, and bridesmaid dresses can be quite expensive depending on the brides taste. On average bridesmaid dresses can be around 250 dollars. Imagine if a bride had five or six bridesmaids, that adds up quite quickly.


Another factor is the fact that each bridesmaid gets to keep her dress. In modern weddings, most bridesmaids gowns can be worn again for other events. Many brides have started to keep the wearability of the dress in mind.


Something else that the bride tends to keep in mind is the budget of the bridesmaids. It is rare to find a bride who is unwilling to keep their best friends and family members in mind when asking them to purchase a dress.


Modern bridesmaid dresses are tasteful and quite beautiful. They are not the fluffy, obscene dresses that are often depicted in television shows and movies. Most women would be happy to purchase something that makes them look lovely, especially when they could wear it again to another special occasion.


The bride and her groom encounter enough expenses with the wedding, asking the bride to put out more money on something that she isn't even going to keep is absurd. There is a reason it is called tradition, many people have agreed with it for many years. While some may want to change tradition, just to spare themselves a small expense that will serve as a gift for the bride, it is not popular opinion to do so.


While the purchase of the bridesmaid dresses by the bridesmaids is viewed as a gift to the bride, one must remember that it is tradition for the bride to purchase gifts for each of her bridesmaids. This gift is often a nice one, which should be viewed as an offset to the cost of the dress.


Life is nothing but an exchange of items and services, the purchasing of a bridesmaids dress is just another exchange of goods. In this case it is an exchange for someone you love. A bridesmaid isn't being asked to purchase a dress for a stranger, it is for one of their best friends or family members. A female probably spends more money on clothing to go out with than they will spend on this one gown that will mean the world to the bride.


So, who should buy the bridesmaid dresses? The bridesmaids, of course!


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