Las Vegas could be the ideal locale for your bachelorette party, because the goal of a great Hen Party is to create memories to last a lifetime with the girls who have been there through thick and thin.


The days of renting a stripper are long gone, now that there are so many other choices on the strip! In Las Vegas the possibilities are nearly endless but here are a few ideas that will get your creative juices flowing.


First, set up a sexy spa date for the girls at any of the pampering spas on the strip. This soothing, relaxing experience can include deep massage, mud wraps, facials, and nails, or any variation sure to make every participant feel head to toe sexy before the next step. Ready!


Head over to any of the lingerie locales in Vegas to try on some naughty PJs. Set up a special private showing ahead, and have a ball shopping for lingerie that you and your girlfriends only dream of wearing! The helpful shop girls will show you all the new stuff, how to wear it, and how it works! Next up, Hmmm. Someplace these clothes might fit in?


You won’t miss a beat if you take in a pole-dancing class (or two!) from Strip 101 to give you and the girls some moves to model those wicked flimsies. Learn to flaunt that body to best advantage in private performances with your favorite mates. These expert-taught classes offer about an hour and a half of practice with chairs, poles, and other props. You want to dress comfortably—and cute—because you get your photo taken for the memory book after class is over. All sizes and shapes invited. No pants or sweats allowed!


Get dressed for the evening, because you and the girls won’t want to miss at least one great show. In keeping with the theme of your hen party, if you’re in town when the Broadway hit, “Naked Boys Singing” is on a run, you won’t want to miss it. Much more than just a strip show, this performance highlights some great musical talent as well.


If you’re a bit too nervous to watch a crowd of naked men singing on stage, but love some laughs try the Blue Man Group for something wildly different. You’ll never be the same! Or wander down a different road and join the various circus or acrobat show offerings always in season in Las Vegas.


Don’t forget to pack your favourite bachelorette party supplies, to include a bunch of matching T-shirts to identify your group, enough sashes and willy straws to go around, and some matching garters for the girls. Everyone on the strip will know what you’re there for, and why you’re having a blast!