For any party the ambiance is crucial in setting the mood for the party. The décor for a hens night should be an explosion of colour and fun memorable goodies. Making this happen isn’t so hard with a dedicated online Hens Party Shop for hens night decorations and hens party supplies now available.

Here are a few ideas that may come in handy the next time you throw a hens party,

Bachelorette party table items:

The options are galore when it comes to creative things you can place around the dining table. Some of the well-known products used in hens nights are the willy forks and knifes, printed napkins, pecker shot glasses, Truth or Dare coasters and lots more. Why keep it discreet while throwing a hens party? Use products that announce its a hens night. A pecker cake mould can be used to make a statement and don’t forget to put snacks in the pecker shaped trays or on the cute as can be Bride to Be plates and don’t forget the matching Bachelorette Party cups.

Balloons and confetti:

Party balloons and confetti are a pre requisite for any party, get funky hens party balloons for the ‘nice’ hen or for the daring you can go all out and get some big pecker foil balloons and neon coloured willy confetti.

Hens night party prizes:

The winner of various party games can be gifted with goodie bags filled with sweets and treats. Other awesome gifts such as pecker whistles, light up diamond rings, pecker lipsticks and glow bracelets can be given to the winner of a hens party game.

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