Bachelorette parties in the old days had a formal bridal shower and included guests outside of wedding attendants. Although there are still bridal showers carried out as part of a hens party there have been a lot of additions and traditions brought about in the decades since.

Only during 1980 the bachelorette party actually got its name, and was popularised by bridal magazines and media attention in the 90s. One of the earliest articles in a famous magazine at the time put forth the idea of doing activities that is to the brides liking and having fun in the process.

The hens parties of the 80s had a slight impact in how these parties were conducted afterwards. They were modelled after bachelor and bucks parties. Articles in newspapers on how bachelorette parties were more ‘over the top’ than bachelor parties sparked a lot of curiosity in the subject of hens night outs.

Hens Nights are now an integral part of the lead up to the big wedding day and without doubt an event most guests are eager to attend.

Articles describing how hens parties were taking place outside homes and were brought into the public view such as hosting parties in venues such as bars, clubs, and restaurants became popular. Bachelorette festivities included hens party decorations, special buffets with pecker shaped cakes and cookies, and hens night games such as pecker piñata, Truth or Dare and Pin the Macho on the Man. And with the internet taking over much of how retail business is done in the 21st century, online portals started offering hens night merchandise for easy access, convenience and organisation. They also provide creative ideas on making the hens night more fun and affordable.

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