Buying Party Favours for Your Hen Party

A hens night is a great tradition that takes place before a wedding. A bride-to-be and her bridal party, as well as some of her friends, will get together to celebrate their friendship and the upcoming wedding. It is often portrayed as the opposite of a stag party or a bachelor party. There are several different ways to plan a hens party and most people choose to have either fun night out, a night in or weekend away. They can spend the night drinking or partying with their mates or choose a more tongue-in-cheek celebration.

Pin the Torpedo

A hens party shop like will sell you different types of games for your hens party that are more tongue-in-cheek. These products tend to be variations of popular party games that have a more adult tone to them. They are often focused on men (hunks) and making light of sexual situations.

Not every hens party features games designed to reveal your naughty side. If you are more introverted and would prefer more innocent fun, there are also other types of favours for this type of party.

Other Favours

Some of the other favours that are popular during hens parties are things like goblets that signify the future bride as well as sashes or crowns. Furthermore, the shops will sell you balloons, novelty rings, and several other wedding-focused favours.

Peck Products, your one-stop shop for hens party games and favours offers you low costs and a great variety. All of which are important for putting together the right selection of goodies for a great hens party.