A girl’s night out for your average bachelorette, more often than not referred to as a hen’s party in reference to – you guessed it – the clucking of the female chickens around the coop. Ideas for your own hen night litter the web, ranging from clubs to bars to plain old great restaurants; but it is almost always filled with risqué implication. That being said, the root of the hen night can be traced to the most scandalous and interesting of sources; the celebrities.


The bachelorette party has great relations to hen nights, considering it’s usually only for women. Let’s take a look at some celebrity hen nights to reminisce upon; Rihanna took it upon herself, in 2010, to organize a hen night for her good friend Kate Perry. She hired one of Las Vegas’ star acts, The Cirque Du Soleil, to perform in order to stick to the Indian-styled wedding that Kate Perry was looking forward to. Of course, the celebration also took place in Las Vegas.


Not all of the aforementioned parties are so extravagant, nor do they require any sort of long-distance travel in order to have a good time. Singing artist Avril Lavigne treated her family and friends out to dinner at a restaurant, celebrating her impending bride-to-be status, wearing a fake veil, devil horns, and form flattering lingerie.


It can’t be said that all Hen Parties are PG-13 (or higher) rated. Lily Allen recently enjoyed the beginning of the end of her single life. She celebrated with friends in May during a stay in London. It was a relatively quiet get-together, joined by a private group of friends, including Jaime Winston and Miquita Oliver. Despite the peaceful evening, she did follow the tradition of wearing her veil for the evening.


As for far-off places; Christina Aguilera has whisked away her girlfriends in a private jet all the way to Mexico for an exotic spa getaway resort. A very spendy but well worth it celebrity bachelorette party. After arriving at their exuberant destination, Aguilera and her friends spent the entire day at the pool. By night, they were enjoying themselves at a local club, to celebrate the singer’s upcoming wedding.


A most recent, extremely low-key bachelorette party, was in celebration of Kate Middleton’s end to the single life; the present bride of Prince William. The hen party was hosted by her sister, also her maid of honor, Pippa Middleton, in a private setting. This is why exact details are uncertain.


Your typical hen night is not a difficult thing to put together, and it doesn’t need to cost you or your friends a lot of money. Sure, most would enjoy a celebrity bachelorette party as their own, but if you are with the right people and have the right supplies and setting, it can be a highly enjoyable and unforgettable hen night.


Taking time out of wedding preparations and day-to-day life for a fun-filled vacation, or even just a night off, is a popular trend among celebrities. This is a tradition that is very likely to continue for celebrities, and even hen nights for non-celebrities, for generations to come.