Girl's night out, hen parties, bridal showers or a bachelorette party needs planning, and the right hens' party decorations can make the event a memorable and outstandingly enjoyable event for everyone.


Every hens night out can have a theme and the hens party decorations can be coordinated with that theme to add to the fun and frivolity. Hens night decorations can be as fancy as you wish and as risqué as you dare.


Some ideas include a night out on the town, a classy dinner in a private function room, a pamper yourself spa party, a pole dance party, a home do or a stripper party. Whatever strikes your fancy for your hens night, hens party accessories add flavour, character, and ambiance to the party.


Planning is essential. You have to decide on a theme and then choose your hens party decorations to fit the theme and enhance the mood of the affair.


Whatever the theme of your lady's night out you should consider balloons, party confetti, table scatters and for those more risqué don’t forget the willy drinking items and pecker accessories!   Choose Decorations to match the theme of your party. 


A spa party should include all the normal accoutrements of a spa as well as makeup, toiletries, soaps, and masques.  Depending on the spa place you may be able to take your own decorations in and colour theme so the Bride knows it’s all about her!  There’s no reason the Bride can’t wear her sash and party veil while being pampered!!!


For a pole dance party or any party that involves a competition, hens party treats and novelty items should be considered as rewards for the winners. Hens party lollies, Willy whistles, sashes, shot glasses and Hens Party Badges are all fun items to include. The idea is to have fun and provide the bride to be or winners of the contest with a souvenir they can cherish and show off to their friends and husbands.


A lingerie or fancy dress party is another option that could include balloons, party confetti, table scatters, Willy products, condoms, veil and hens party sashes as a part of the hens night decorations. Everything can be made to coordinate with the lingerie or dress up theme you have in mind.


The idea is to have fun. The fun can be as tame or as wild as you and your friends want. The event will not be complete without the just so fitting choice of hens party decorations to enhance the theme of your girl's night out, bridal party, bachelorette party, or just any old occasion.


Hens night Accessories  are for one thing and one thing only. Hens night decorations make your night out more fun by creating an atmosphere with a decor that fits the party’s theme and the mindset of the guests, we guarantee Hens Party Decorations will create memories which will last a life time.