It seems the Northern Territory ladies certainly know how to celebrate a Hens Night in style!


According to the Northern Territory news, the girls celebrating a hens party at the Humpty Doo Hotel in Darwin mistakenly took the coppers for strippers as they responded to a call for reports of disturbance at the hotel.


 The excited girls lunged at the officers trying to take their shirts off when they entered the bar.


Police were called to the hotel late in the night with reports that 10 people were arguing and with the potential for it to turn nasty but when the police entered they were surrounded by excited women instead.


"The girls were in fine form and they nearly had their shirts taken off but they managed to escape with their dignity intact," Senior Sergeant Jorgensen said.

"They were mistaken for strippers - I don't know any strippers that wear accoutrements belts and turn up in a police car," he said.