Many Australians are leaving the traditional wedding in their home town to wed in beach luxury at half the price in Bali, Thailand and Fiji.  Lured by consistent warm weather (unlike Australia at the moment), the good Aussie dollar and other great travel deals, Aussies are flocking overseas to get hitched at record numbers.

Is it fair for the Bride and Groom to expect guests to pay for flights, accommodation and other travel costs to watch their friends wed?  Is it a selfish decision or if they give you enough notice is that then acceptable as you can make a holiday of it?

It may be paradise for the Bride and Groom to be but is it for the guests who would love to attend but simply cannot afford it.  They say the wedding day is all about the Bride and Groom but would it be a wedding day if there closest ad dearest weren’t present.  Is there pressure to attend even though you know it will put a strain on the purse strings??

Is this the same with hens nights and many opting for hens weekends and trips away?

Tell us what you think – are we expecting too much of others or is this just how it is now so we need to get used to it?