Inflatable Silly Willy


A hen’s night is no fun without some silly decorations and accessories.  If you are the one mandated with the responsibility of planning the party there are many things to think about.  The venue is one.  You have to make sure that the venue is absolutely ideal.  You need enough privacy to have your party without outside interference but it also needs to be accessible to the girls. 

The décor is the other thing that you really must give careful thought to.  Streamers, center pieces, flowers and other things are a must have.  In addition to that, you should think of the games to be played.  At a hen’s party most of the games will have to do with pecker paraphernalia.  Consider getting a pecker ring toss, grown up versions of pin the tail on the donkey and other such things.  You may also want to consider purchasing a few inflatable silly willies. 

An inflatable silly willy is really a blow up pecker that has a silly smiley face on it. These are ideal as fun accessories for various tables or to use in various games.  The silly willy goes for $14.95.  Buy one for the blushing bride to be and have her blow it up just for fun.  Alternatively, blow several of them and have them laid out around the venue as part of your décor.  The girls are bound to get a kick out of them.  You can order them online and have them shipped out to you within no time.