When it comes to planning a hen’s night you will have to consider food and drinks as well. As much as everyone will enjoy the décor, the games and all the advice and gifts that the girls will give, what makes a party is usually the music and the food.  Be sure to get plates, cups and glasses that will go well with the theme of the day as well as the décor. You can choose colours such as hot pink, black, red or white.


Cocktails are to be expected at a hen’s party and nothing makes a cocktail look super cute than presentation that involves straws with umbrellas.  As a drink accessory, the bride to be “Wild One” umbrella straws is absolutely ideal.  Each pack comes with five of these pink and white umbrella straws that read ‘Wild One.’ With a price tag of only $3.95 per pack, you can get as many as you need without spoiling your party budget. The bride and all the girls will absolutely love them.  They add a pop of colour and make the cocktail table look absolutely smashing.


Among other considerations for planning your hen’s party are the centrepieces, tablecloths, napkins and other decorations that can be used to making your table and the entire party venue look absolutely fantastic.  Of course you will also need to think about the games that you will play, accommodation if you are planning to have a fun night out and male entertainment. Remember if you will be going out clubbing you need to organise for transport as well.