Now that you are engaged the most exciting thing to look forward to is of course your hen party. No bride-to-be wants to admit it but this is probably one of the highlights of the nuptials. You have all your BFFs with you and there are no restraints to the amount of fun you can have. Well, if you want to make your hens night truly remarkable you have to think outside the box. The party planner must spice up the night using fun and innovative games which are always the highlight of the night.

Below are just a few hens night games that you can easily integrate into the party to give the bride-to-be a really memorable night:

1. The groom guess game: If the groom-to-be is around with a few of his friends you can do the shake a leg. This is one of the funniest hens party activities where the bride is blindfolded and told to guess which legs belong to their man.

2. Balloon ball passing: After having a few glasses of wine everyone will be angling for some hens party games and the balloon pass is the easiest yet the most thrilling.  Divide the party into two groups and then have everyone try passing the balloons to the next person using their knees or noses. It might look like one of the simplest hens party ideas but you will be surprised how much fun you will have.

3. Truth or dare: Looking for the best hens night ideas?  Truth or dare always works magic.

Of course there are other hens night activities and hens party activities some of which you can borrow from bachelorette party ideas and bachelorette party games.