When you need to put together the world’s most exciting hens party, you should pay close attention to the clever ways to save money and up the ante on fun. For example, the travel must be booked and ready weeks in advance to ensure that you never miss your party date. Whether you plan to board a plane and fly across the continent or just drive a few kilometres down the road into the nearest city, the right games and props make the experience more exciting. In addition, you want to ensure that you bring everyone you love along for the fun.


The Food (and Drinks!)

Hens parties should start with the food to build a solid foundation for the (often) many drinks ahead. You may decide to go on a city-wide pub crawl to enjoy some of the city’s best drinks so be sure to offer some food to keep everyone’s energy levels up. You can offer food at home before leaving or decide on suitable location to stop and eat along with way. Clever partiers choose their routes according to when they believe they will be hungry and ready to eat. Whether you love sweets or savoury foods after a few drinks, knowing you have options on hand can dramatically improve the night. If you are heading to an unfamiliar city, then a quick search online will often bring up hundreds of establishments to choose from



You might be surprised to learn that many games you can buy at the local market come in adult-themed options designed for hens parties. For example, you may decide you want hens party charades, a game designed to become more fun as you consume more drinks. Not only do you get to share hours of fun with your hens party guests but you can get such a game for an exceptionally cost-effective price. No matter if you want to try other games or keep the party simple, you cannot fail to bring a few naughty props and games along with you to add to the laughs.