Every Hens party is different. The most important entity that sets the tone of the party is the theme of colours you choose for the occasion. This wedding season, explore the beautiful colour combinations listed below and add more oomph to the celebration.

Glitzy Gold and Bold Black

Gold can never go out of vogue! Blend the classy gold with a dash of black to iconise your beautiful bride as a woman with a strong head. Choose from a wide variety of gold and black hens accessories available and glam up the show.

Pink Baby

Pink is so fun yet so adorable. If your bride is a woman child and loves to be pampered, then pink is a great option. Pink works well when you opt for monochrome decorations and can never be an eye sore. We love pink!

White and Bling

White and bling sounds so chic and gives the party a totally urban outlook. With the white as the background, it is easier to add more personalised details to the party and bling always gets the ladies more motivated to be and look their best.

Rustic Red

What could be more apt that an out-of-the-world wild celebration to mark the end of singlehood? Couple the free spirit of the bride with the awesomeness of red and the result is a Hens night that may be remembered for the many years to come. Hens Party themes primarily depend on the type of the bride. However colours are the easiest yet most interesting way of bringing the party alive.