It is a tradition to host an exciting hens party for your friend when she is about to get married. This is a celebration of her commitment and a chance for her to enjoy the last few days of her singlehood. Here are some fun themes and ideas that you can incorporate in your party to make absolutely unforgettable:

1. Slumber parties – If you like the old fashioned slumber party concept, enjoy the old school fun! You can go through memories by seeing old pictures, paint your nails, eat junk food or enjoy the classic hens night games like truth or dare.

2. Go outdoors – If the bride-to-be is more adventurous, you can try outdoor activities like rock-climbing, camping or kayaking. You can also play some great hens party games while in the woods and enjoy your day!

3. Theme based parties – If your friend wants a specific theme based party, you can buy everything you need for a hens party in a special party store. You can decide between different themes like cowboy themes, angel theme, porn star theme, movie star, school girl themes, etc. You can find matching accessories for all kinds of themes online to make it a perfect setting for the party.

4. Games – This party will be incomplete without some exciting hens party games. You can choose games based on your theme or location. Some of the common games include balloon pass, Scavenger hunt, Pin the Macho the on the Man, wine tasting followed by quizzes, rate the man, etc.

5. Pictures and gifts – The best reminder of your fun times is to take unlimited pictures, make a scrapbook and have a theme-based return gift. Get to know the bride and her friends’ expectations and plan accordingly to make the most of this night for her!