Four Interesting Tips for a Hens Party at Home A hens party does not have to be necessarily organised in pubs, hotels or in international destinations. A simple home party with the right tricks can make it great night to remember. Looking to organise a fun party at your place for your best friend? This is what you should do…

Glam up The Place with the Right Accessories

The right accessories can change the dreary looks of your apartment effortlessly. Invest time and money in choosing interesting decorations like balloons, confetti, banners and feather boas. Do not hesitate to showcase your impishness and surprise your guests.

Choose a Theme

When you have a theme in mind, it is much easier to work around that particular theme and get other aspects of the party organised. For instance, if you wanted vintage, you can plan the party setup along the same lines and also suggest guests to dress up in vintage style. This is just a great and simple way to get people more involved through the night.

Plan Some Special Games

The list of hens night games that can add so much excitement and fun to the party ambience is quite long. Unleash your imagination and get your guests on board to play their way through the night.

Surprise the Bride

No one knows your best friend as much as you do. Surprise her with a handmade gift or put together a video of her favourite moments and play it to the party guests. This tip is probably going to get the room cooing their “Aw!” and the Bride super happy.