A hens night is one of the most memorable pre-wedding times for a bride-to-be. It celebrates the last few days of singlehood and thus, must be planned well to make it fun and fabulous. Hens night games usually spice up the night for you and your friends and get you in the mood for the occasion. Some friends also place bets on the games on this special night to make it more interesting.

Some Exciting Hens Party Games For Your Bachelorette:

 1. One of the common games includes asking the bride-to-be about her husband. You can get a few questions ready and ask the groom-to-be a few days before the event and check if the bride can answer them correctly.

2. Another fun game is the bridal bingo. Here, the guests have to guess the gifts the bride will receive and when she is opening them, anyone with five correct answers in a row must shout BINGO to win the game.

3. You can try some drinking games if all your friends enjoy alcohol and can hold their liquor. This can also be clubbed with the classic truth or dare to make it more interesting.

4. If you want to break the ice in the party, you can try the simple bachelorette party games like the handbag game. Here, a few items should be taken from each handbag and put in separate bags. The guests will have to guess to whom the items belong.

5. For those naughty brides, you can also try the naughty treasure hunt and mix it up with a lot of crazy accessories to make it kinky and exciting.

Remember that hens night games will be more enjoyable when all your guests leave their inhibitions behind and enjoy the games to the fullest!