Most hen's nights have something to do with celebrating an upcoming marriage. Wishing the bride good luck in this way has become a tradition just like bachelor parties for the groom.


While decorations, drinks, and girl talk are a big part of the affairs, most hen's nights out would be dead dull affairs without a few games to get the girls laughing and having fun.


The choice of games is up to the person giving the party and of course should be in line with the tastes of the people that are attending the do.


Hens night games can range from the most tame to the most bawdy. So let your knowledge of the bride, the guests, and the atmosphere you want to create be your guide.


These are a few of the best hen's night games that are sure to please any set of girls.


Dress the bride is always a good party game. The real success of using this party game depends on how far along the bride is in her wedding plans but even if the bride has already selected her gown and all the trappings for her wedding this game can be loads of laughs.


Depending on how many guests there are, divide the girls into groups or let each woman go it alone. The idea is to devise the perfect ensemble for the bridal gown and all the accouterments that go with a bridal gown.


This does not mean one has to be a fashion designer. The idea is just to have fun with it. The more personalised and odder the gown you design the more laughs that you are probably going to get. Be creative.


Hen's night karaoke. It does not matter that you cannot sing a note or carry a tune in a barrel. The idea is to laugh at and laugh with each other.


Pick a few tunes that go along with the bridal theme, say something about marriage, or that demand a woman’s rights as a wife or in the boudoir. Have each lady present do a song or two. A few drinks before the karaoke usually brings out the best (or worst) in any songstress.


Get the future mother in law and the bride to do a special duet. Picking this song carefully might be a good choice to prevent a spat before the wedding.


Be sure and have a video set up to record the singing so all the girls can have a laugh at themselves and each other when they are stone sober as well.


Dressing up in men’s drawers and other men’s undies for a fashion parade is always great for laughs. This one you just have to film.


The idea is to be creative and make up a hen's night party game that every guest will remember. If you know the bride and the guests choosing how bawdy or tame you need to be with hen's night party games is easy.