games and activities for a hens

If you have a friend who is getting married soon and you want to celebrate her “last night of freedom”, then taking her and the bridal party and friends out for the night is a good way to celebrate. You can arrange a nice dinner at one of her favourite restaurants or go to her favourite nightclub to dance the night away.

Theme Clothing

To help identify the members of your group, and to give the bride some recognition on her big day, you could buy sashes, caps, or badges to identify everyone. The bride, the mothers, and members of the bridal party can wear them during the hens party activities. If someone gets too tipsy or lost in the crowd, having an identifier can help reunite them with the group.

On the Go Games

There are several hens night games and activities that can be played wherever you decide to celebrate. Some of the games may be embarrassing, but they can be a lot of fun for the participants and observers. An easy, fun game to take on a hens night is Hens Party Dares Scratch Off Game.

The game consists of cards with 12 dares on them and everyone takes one turn at a time to complete a dare. The dares are fun and anyone can have fun doing them. You could even recruit more players at the nightclub where you’re celebrating. A hens party needn’t be an elaborate night for everyone to have fun celebrating the bride’s big day.